In a place where giving is the only way to receive.

The name Anón derives from the Spanish name for the sugar apple; a delicious fruit sectioned into many compartments, each containing a seed. It is also half of the word ‘anonymous’, chosen to emphasize the collective effort required to bring anything forth. The work of Anón is an ode to order, to coming together. In bringing others into the creative process, one is able to serve, to give, thus becoming better at giving. And giving is the only way to receive.
The aim is to be human-inclusive, to utilize our ability to work together and generate complex equations in the form of positive frequencies, and the relationship between these aspects. Anyone who is able to hold a brush is ushered into a space where their inner and often forgotten artist is nurtured. It both allows us to continue on the road to a more evolved, inclusive mode of thinking, and to chip away at any conceived differences by facilitating a space of co-creation.

Being alive and sentient today leaves us exposed to the many ongoings of the world, which can pull in any direction. For this reason, we choose to work with subjects that are seeds, that incite contemplation —that serve as lenses to the beauty beyond fear. Our objective is to remind as many as we can, if only for a few minutes at a time, that we are fortunate to live in community, and of the immense amount of love found within.

May our efforts benefit all beings.
Be Happy!
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