This community mural was completed during a soft-opening for Celis Produce, West Palm Beach's first locally owned organic produce market. The owners, three brothers native to the city, are great supporters of local businesses and have been welcomed by the community with open arms. Taking into account the strong following invited to the reception, we sought out to make this mural into a special community project.
Along with the positive social impact, this project carries an underlying message of micro and macro connections, all communicating through the simple, basic shape that is the triangle. The execution and visual representation is a vivid metaphor for interconnection on any imaginable scale. Once the work is appreciated in its fullness, it also becomes simple to appreciate the inextricable connection between each piece and their vital role in completing a cohesive image. Joined together at each angle, triangles form visual clusters —or families— of different colors and sizes, an easily digestible metaphorical representation of the participants themselves.

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